Pizzagirl - Favourite Song | Indie + Tonic

see Manchester’s indie label Heist or Hit (home of Liverpudlians Her’s) have just signed your next favourite bedroom pop tunes maker. order Depakote online Pizzagirl is from Liverpool and he’s not a girl, nor – clearly – has any affiliations with pizza. His debut single, ‘Favourite Song’, is a polychromatic pop tune that seems to come straight from the 80’s, yet encompassing the darker shades of a more introspective European influenced electronic.

“‘Favourite Song’is my attempt at making a tune that would fit nicely in a Miami Vice/Blade Runner soundtrack – elaborates Liam, aka Pizzagirl – Lyrically, it’s themed around being nostalgic, and seeing a certain person and time through a rose tinted camera lens. Ideally listening to it in 1989 would be best, but as long as you’re cruising down the city streets in a convertible at night then you should hopefully enjoy it just the same.”

Listen below this brilliant new offering.

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