Polo unveil the visuals for 'Gold Horizons' | Indie + Tonic

Leeds’ indie pop outfit see url Polo have unveiled the video for their http://ezekiel.la/calendar-2/action~month/page_offset~11/time_limit~196243200/request_format~json/ ‘Gold Horizons’ lead single taken from the EP http://thethriveblog.net/2015/02/page/3/ ‘Alice’ released a few months ago. The visuals depict a tour diary, showing the trio during downtime on their February batch of dates (including London, at Thousand Island).

“We focussed on all the detail in between the shows: the four hour drives, and the days off we spent at the arcade.”, says founder member Luke Lount, while director Niall Lea adds: “With the ‘Gold Horizons’ film we set out to create a personal feeling POV style video filmed from inside the band but looking outward, showing life in Polo on tour.”

Watch the video below here.

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