VIDEO PREMIERE: J F L E - Laid To Rest / Hole In My Head Live @ Sebright Arms | Indie + Tonic

Indie + Tonic is pleased to premiere London’s how to buy bactrim J F L E‘s new video, with the performance of the tracks buy Misoprostol without rx ‘Laid To Rest’ and ‘Hole In My Head’ live at Sebright Arms, London. We wrote here about last week’s gig, describing J F L E’s sound as a beautifully complicated mixture of synths and drum machines, blended with sharp bass lines and the singer’s intricate lyricism.

The live performance is now available through a live video recorded by film-makers Ollie Paxton and Miriam Stevens. Says the artist about the evolution of his project: “I used to play with just cassette backing tracks, and the current band setup is definitely an evolution from then. Needless to say, playing with a lineup of this sort adds chemistry and energy, and made it a more rewarding experience for me and probably the audience too. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point”.

The artist is performing tonight at Amersham Arms in New Cross, London. Meantime, here is J F L E, live at Sebright Arms, with the tracks ‘Laid To Rest’ and ‘Hole In My Head’. Warning: the video contains flashing images.

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