Weekly Mixtape - Vol. 45 | Indie + Tonic

http://the-little-me.com/?ga_action=googleanalytics_get_script The best of (last) week in music, with the freshest tunes released over the last few days.

where to buy atarax in singapore http://omahabedding.com/five-columns-wide-no-space/ Indie + Tonic Weekly Mixtape is here with Vol. 45 (November 6th – November 12th), featuring Nadine, Ben Zaidi, Bryde, Indigo Husk, ISLAND, Sad Palace, Cavalry, Luna Bay, Ten Fé, A Blaza Of Feather.

Weekly Mixtape

  1. NADINE – Ultra Pink
    2. Ben Zaidi – Like It Was Nothing
    3. Bryde – Desire
    4. Indigo Husk – Waste Of A Year
    5. ISLAND – The Day I Die
    6. Sad Palace – Melody Crux
    7. Cavalry – Black
    8. Luna Bay – Little Amsterdam
    9. Ten Fé – Single, No Return
    10. A Blaze Of Feather – Dust In The Wind
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