Holy Fuck - Bird Brains | Indie + Tonic

Toronto’s own noise band http://deweylovettandhowe.com/2015/04/11/day-2-at-newmar-that-was-fun/img_5210/ Holy Fuck have shared can i order Divalproex online ‘Bird Brains’, title-track of the announced new 4-track EP due out on July 21st via LA record label Innovative Leisure. The new extended-play marks a much-awaited return for the four-piece, after the release of 2016’s LP ‘Congrats’, and sees the band aiming to capture the raw energy of four people, not apart, as bedroom producers, but together as a spirited exchange of ideas, a dynamic interaction that comes from years of friendship.

The title-track ‘Bird Brains’, a psych-noise journey that builds from ostinato riffs and obsessive drum patterns, is accompanied by an official video, in which a charismatic bird hosts a party wilder than anything. Says director Allison Johnston about the visual: “I wanted to explore see url the idea of mass hysteria, and how easily a group will follow the most confident person in the room. The party in the video is what I grew up believing they always were before I had ever been to one. I wanted every party to be Nelly’s ‘Hot in Herre’.”

Watch Holy Fuck’s video for ‘Bird Brains’ below here.

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