SYML - Mr. Sandman | Indie + Tonic

buy provigil cheap SYML, moniker for Seattle-based musician Brian Fennell, has shared an astonishing cover of the 50’s classic  how to order lasix drip ‘Mr. Sandman’, made popular by the female quartet The Chordettes and penned by the American songwriter Pat Ballard.

Fennell, who is also part of the American indie-rock band Barcelona, started his solo project SYML (welsh for simple) in 2016, before the band’s their third full length album ‘Basic Man’. Fennell released a six-piece EP entitled ‘Hurt For Me’, from which you might remember ‘Where’s My Love.’ “Sandman, I’m so alone
Don’t have nobody to call my own”

Listen to Fennell’s version of ‘Mr. Sandman’ and ‘Where’s My Love’ below.


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