Typhoon - Darker | Indie + Tonic

http://lkntraining.com/13-weeks-pregnancy-chalkboard/ Post-pop outfit can i buy Keppra over the counter in australia Typhoon from Portland, Oregon, have shared a new instalment, the follow-up to ‘Rorschach” and off ‘Offerings’, the album due out on January 12th. http://lifeintended.org/old-events/leading-ladies-summit/ ‘Darker’ is a seriously great tune that probably works as a perfect intro for an outfit whose frontman, Kyle Morton, keeps creating music for the heart and soul combining lyrical prose that is constantly evolving and adapting to a variety of soundscapes.

The 11-piece (yeah, eleven) wrote an epic new album in four movements and this brand new track is taken from the third of them – named ‘Reckoning’. Kyle said about the forthcoming record: “I kind of wanted to make a dystopian record. If it’s nothing else, it’s that. If I could write my own one-line review, I’d think I’d want people to say, ‘It’s disturbing and unfortunately correct’.”

Listen to ‘Darker’ below here.

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