Month: April 2017


NØMADS – Ataxophobia

Fear of chaos and disorder is the "phobia of the month" for the untamable rock duo NØMADS. Following up to 'Acrophobia' and 'Achluphobia', the Brooklyn's duo ha...
Black Fly

Black Fly – Sign 2

Enigmatic Vermont-based project Black Fly follows up to 'I Don't Know' with his second offering, the single 'Sign 2'. Still surrounded by a thick halo of myster...

HAIM – Right Now

It was about time! HAIM have finally shared their new single, 'Right Now', accompanied by an official video, also announcing the release of their second album. ...
Seraphina - Altar EP

Seraphina – Altar

I've been lucky, I have to say that. I had the chance to see Seraphina playing live on a stage by chance, a few weeks ago. She was among the supporting acts for...
Elliot Moss

Elliot Moss – 99

New Yorker multi-instrumentalist and producer Elliot Moss has shared '99', the third cut off his upcoming EP 'Boomerang', set to be released on April 28th viaSo...