Indie + Tonic is the brainchild of a millennial who wanted to give voice to his heart and write about something indie.

Marco here, Italian chap living the London life and getting into new (musical) vibes on a daily basis. I work in marketing, communications and all sorts of stuff. I am into football, a good laugh, and music, in its entirety. Most of the time I try to mix all of the above with a cool gin and tonic. Ask my friends, they’ll hopelessly nod.

I thought the internet was missing some new, weird port of call for indie geeks like I might describe myself (ha). Indie + Tonic is all of this, it’s like my little baby I will try to grow and bring to life in my (little) spare time. It’s a little corner of this world, made of indie tunes, records, books, gin reviews

Hope you’ll dig it. And thank you for having me on your screens.



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