Here is one of the stories I would love to be writing about more often. It’s the story of James Walker, a singer-songwriter from Reading who originally started his career as a session musician, playing piano and guitar all over smokey folk cafés and at European festivals for other artists. His new single, ‘Next To Me’, is out today and it marks a new beginning for James after some time spent far from the studio. He got ill, going through open heart surgery, finding in music that source of motivation to recover quicker and better and re-start writing music. Re-prioritising things, this time, wanting to be that guy who actually tells the stories.

His new track is a delicate and introspective journey through a fragile soundscape. “It’s a song about being with someone out of habit, rather than out of love. – says the artist on his Facebook page – How it feels to be so intimate with someone that you feel detached from. It’s the feeling of slipping away when you’re holding onto them at night, of going for dinner and having nothing to say to each other.”

Listen to ‘Next To Me’ below here. It’s the first cut taken from ‘English Bones’, James’ forthcoming album and first proper release. It was recorded by Sam Winfield (Supegrass, Amber Run) at Studio 91.


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