James Walker‘s new track is titled ‘Weathered’. It’s taken from the forthcoming album ‘English Bones’ and follows up to ‘Next To Me’. Love, heartbreak and a consequential state of vulnerability are the fil rouge in this fragile and painfully beautiful piece of songwriting. James’ acoustic guitar pairs with soulful vocals and a halo of bittersweetness emerges in a soundscape where smooth echoed strings grow to the climax. It’s the end of a love path, where illusions vanish and the jump back to a reality might hit hard in a silent loneliness.

Says James on his Facebook page: “It’s a song that comes from a wholly personal place, and I feel as though I would be disingenuous in not divulging the meaning behind the track. I was in a relationship with someone, and just as every good sad song goes, we fell apart. It was a toxic, mean, and truly horrible breakup, with a lot of name-calling, one-upping, and generally feeling like awful people. The dust settled, and about six months later, I (stupidly) decided to meet up with him again. […] When we met back up, it was like our souls had shifted. I couldn’t see in him what I felt attracted to in the first place. […] I couldn’t, and still can’t, pinpoint what was different, but there was something that made me realise I’d fallen out of love.”

Listen to ‘Weathered’ below here.

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