NZCA LINES are a London-based project comprised of Michael Lovett and Sarah Jones. Their full-length, ‘Infinite Summer’, was released one year ago through Memphis Industries, featuring the singles ‘Persephone Dreams’, ‘Two Hearts’ and ‘Jessica’. It’s an emotional and quite dark concept album which refracts Lovett’s personal life.

The band has now shared the complete tour visuals, teaming up with designers TAXONYM and Amala Studio and producing films relevant to every song on the record.

Michael Lovett says about the release: “It was always my dream to have a visual for each song, something that would draw an audience deeper into our world. Our Village Underground show was an opportunity to bring the album to life on stage in a way we hadn’t done before. I worked closely with TAXONYM and Amala Studio to articulate my thoughts, feelings, and ideas behind each song on Infinite Summer, which they interpreted to create each of the videos”.

Watch the video for ‘Infinite Summer’ below.

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