Chicago Into It. Over It. is the moniker Evan Thomas Weiss chose 10 years ago… yesterday, to start an ambitious, new project. On the day of his 23rd birthday he gave birth to a rather crazy idea to write, record and release a song every week for a year. ’52 Weeks’ can be considered the beginning of a new, important chapter in his life.

Soaked in emo atmospheres and that fragile yet complex architecture of arrangements typical of seminal bands such as Illinois’ American Football, the very first track by Into It. Over It. was the melancholically beautiful ‘Batsto’. Under two and a half minutes, Weiss encompassed all the elements he will then develop as an artist, producing authentic indie/emo masterpieces like 2013’s ‘Intersections’ or last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Standards’. One of the album I have loved the most in the last five years or so, on a personal note.

“Listening back to 52 Weeks now.. Placing those moments of youth and insecurity.. – says Weiss on his Facebook page – Seeing how far everyone has come in that time.. I can’t help but tear up. I’m so proud of my friends. I’m so grateful this could have meant anything to anyone, then or now. This has been the best decade of my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

No, thank you, Evan. And happy (belated) birthday, to you and to Into It. Over It., of course.


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