Spring is finally closer (well, that’s what we hope, at least) and in a few weeks of dark and cold weather, we piled up a number of tunes we didn’t have time – regretfully – to write about. However, there are a few little gems you cannot really do without. Find them below here.

Alessandro Ciminata – Flashing Lights
We love Alessandro’s delicate way of depicting life (and love) soaked in fine electro-pop, although we almost missed his latest release, ‘Flashing Lights’, out as as a follow-up to ‘Love Locked Out’. Waves of melodies and infectious choruses interlace here, in a number that seems to set a new tone for the Italian, London-based artist. Unmissable.

Blush Response – Cruel
Adelaide’s Blush Response caught my attention almost instantly with their brand new number, the heavy-dreamy ‘Cruel’. Taken from the Australian band’s debut album ‘Hearts Grow Dull’, set for release this month, the single builds a thick wall of sound, and grows to its climax through a twist of distorted guitars and ethereal voices.

Carnival Youth – Love Is The Answer
Coming out of the Baltic, Carnival Youth are a Latvian outfit whose latest single, ‘Love Is The Answer’, is an authentic indie gem. Jungle guitars a-la Tame Impala, infectious choruses and a fine combination between melodic and more experimental bits result in a single that is very likely to end up in your playlists this Spring.

Fickle Friends – Swim (Dark Dark Horse Remix)
Leicester’s Dark Dark Horse are amongst our favourites, and their remix of Fickle Friends’ single, ‘Swim’, is a delightful slice of electro-pop. It’s a must-listen.

Danny Goffey – Buzzkiller
Distiller Records’ own and former Supergrass’ drummer Danny Goffey, has shared his second tune, following up to last January’s ‘Ancient Text’. ‘Buzzkiller’ is a haunting number, accompanied by an official video.

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