Canadian outfit Dizzy attracted the praise of online communities and dedicated press following the release of their debut LP ‘Baby Teeth’ in 2018. The band has shared the visuals for ‘Bleachers’.

The track, as vocalist Katie Munshaw stated, is about her little sister Beth – who stars in the video – and “the juxtaposition of me wanting her to grow up and experience life while also wanting to shelter her from it. I thought it was only right for her and her friends to take the reins on this video to make it quintessentially them.”

The clip portraits nostalgic landscapes and a dystopian twist. Director Ryan Faist explains: “I worry about the future on a daily basis. It keeps me up at night. I also feel like we’re running out of time. Someone like Beth, who is 15 now, in 50 years at 65, might have to endure some pretty shitty circumstances. I just imagine the air being so bad that we need assistance to breathe at certain months in the year. I’m trying not to be so pessimistic, but how can you not with the way things currently are, right?”

Watch the visuals for ‘Bleachers’, and listen to ‘Baby Teeth’ below.

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