The Waiting Room has always been one of my favourite spots for live music in London. Cozy and warm, I’ve always thought this venue is somehow ideal for little gigs and to discover new acts. DAUNT, one of the surprising new names I came across with, in the last few months, hosts there his EP’s launch show. ‘Unbearable Light’ marks the debut for the artist, with a four-track that include the previously released ‘Drive’ and the title-track. Needless to say, I’m quite excited and looking forward to seeing him live. DAUNT is part of the roster of Beatnik Creative, which – in my humble opinion – is currently one of those cutting-edge labels working with extraordinary talented artists (Palace, ISLAND, Matthew And Me, only to name a few).

It’s a quite chill evening in London when I get to the venue. I get a nice spot, right in front of the stage, when Brooke Bentham takes the scene to warm-up the night. Her soulful voice pairs with a guitar and she takes the audience through what are the main chapters of her production so far. Some sort of melancholia spreads withing the walls of The Waiting Room; the highlight is a compelling cover of Radiohead’s ‘House Of Cards’.

Will Daunt finally takes the stage when it’s nearly half past nine. He looks excited to present his band and his EP. His set is essential, it moves through the already-known singles. The shimmering production that rapidly became his trademark is showcased in a setlist that highlights the funky-driven influences of the artist’s early production (‘This Body Rushes’) as well as the synth patterns of his more recent work.

‘Almost Anything’ and ‘Beamish Boy’ – from the brand new EP – are two solid tracks and fit what DAUNT has been working on lately. The artist and his band match live all the expectations I had built up while listening to his releases in the past weeks. He is not up to much chat, while he stands on the stage, although he is definitely charming and finds a way to joke with his audience from time to time. A laid-back atmosphere is a perfect outfit for his live set, which ends a bit earlier than expected, filling me with anticipation for what will be the future of this guy and his project.

‘Unbearable Light’ was a much-awaited release. I had the pleasure to see DAUNT playing his EP live in a very intimate context and venue. And yes, I’m definitely ready to bet on his music and a brilliant future.


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