Why do I love music so badly? I keep questioning myself, unable to find the right answer, whilst Jack Kenworthy bends on his electric piano and performs what is Colouring’s most emotional track, ‘Everything Has Grown’. It’s just bizarre, how a band can sometimes simply win me over, at a first sight. It happened a couple of months ago, when I had the chance to see Colouring at Bushstock Festival (read our story here), as part of one of the most interesting festivals I have attended this summer. It was mind-blowing, and needless to say, I wanted to be at the Camden Assembly for their first headline show in England.

The night is one of those nights where everything seems to be in the right place. I am surrounded by a few of my closest friends. We watch Charlotte Hinchcliff’s Dear Pariah warm up show. Then I find myself staring at the stage where one of the most promising outfits of the whole UK is performing. Formerly known as Osca, the four-piece renamed themselves as Colouring, led by the already mentioned singer-songwriter/pianist Jack Kenworth, and comprising of Sean Reilly (guitars), Dom Potts (bass), Alex Johnson (drums). Their EP ‘Simmetry’ (2016) makes it to the setlist almost in its entirety, from the astonishing title-track to ‘In Motion’, not to mention that breath-taking cover of Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’.

Colouring are confident and play that atmospheric electro-pop that makes you feel like you are in the right place at the right time. The recent singles ‘Heathen’ and ‘The Wave’, as well as the brand new ‘White Whale’ showcase once and for all the band’s brilliant songwriting. Right before ‘Everything Has Grown’, which ends the show leaving me floating in a soundscape that reminds me of the most intimate Bon Iver. I finally realise: there’s no real answer to that question I keep asking myself. I don’t know why I love music so much, I probably never will. I will keep finding shelter in those fragments of happiness and peace that musicians like these can generate in me.

I turn my head to catch my friends’ eyes. We all share the same level of excitement. A man behind me smiles heartedly. He turns out to be Jack’s father, and he explains to me – proud of his son – how much this night means to the whole band and their loving friends. Someone from the crowd shouts: “You’re better than The 1975”. I am ready to place my bet: 2018, with a debut album on the horizon, will be the year of Colouring.

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