She spent years playing live, forging her sharp signature sound: Guildford’s Annabel Allum is now amongst the most interesting up and coming artists the indie scene in the UK has to offer. I was looking forward to seeing her playing live and an headline show at London’s Camden Assembly was just too good to miss.

I’ll be honest: Tuesday is not my favourite day of the week. It’s too far from the weekend, yet it gets better when, after a day at work, I can put my nose out there and enter buzzy Camden Town, smelling its odours of ethnic food and walking through knots of people. Camden Assembly, on another note, is that cosy venue I’m always looking forward to going to.

I miss the first support act of the night, and I have to say I regret it, as Joe Booley’s alt-pop sounds catchy on record and I will definitely go and see him live at some point. I am still sipping my beer when Me And The Moon, a three-piece from Guildford, takes the stage. Their indie pop catches my attention in a matter of seconds. Their brand new single ‘It’s Alright’ stands out and the set is a perfect introduction to the eclectic vibes of Northampton’s Ginger Snaps. They blend slacker soundscapes with rhythms in upbeat and modern pop sensibilities for a final result which is an engaging and energetic sound.

Annabel Allum finally shows up. Her set kicks off with unexpected power and energy, merging the artist’s vocal skills with a grungy soundscape that makes Annabel’s music sound different from what it does on record. And that’s the most interesting aspect of it, for her music sounds somehow even more genuine and (brutally) honest. Guitar delays and obsessive drum patterns take the scene quite soon, and the singer-songwriter alternates gems from her latest EP ‘All That for What’ with brand new numbers. The angry ‘Rich Backgrounds’ warms up the crowd, ‘Eat Greens’ reaches the climax, whilst the new single ‘Beat The Birds’ displays Annabel’s guitar and vocals, in a haunting track that tastes a way sharper when played live.

There’s still time for a solo interlude (Allum plays an emotional version of ‘Spit’, taken from her latest EP), a couple of new numbers that will probably will see light soon (“I might release them, or maybe not, who know”, the artist teases). The grand finale is about ‘Emily’, a track dedicated to one of Annabel’s best friend.

There she is, visibly happy on stage, at the end of a show drenched in energy and passion, her gaze on an imaginary horizon. Who knows what the future has in store for Annabel Allum and her loud, DIY songwriting.

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