The signature arches of Shoreditch’s Village Underground were blown off as GoldLink previewed ‘Diaspora’ in the iconic venue for a pop-up London gig. Created to catch top listeners off guard, Spotify Fans First events see an unassuming email arrive in a fan’s inbox a week prior, revealing merely the artist in question, date, and location.

On arrival, we had no idea what to expect, but being greeted by custom £5 notes with GoldLink posing proudly in the place Queen Liz, fluttering from the balcony of Village Underground into the crowds below, we knew we were in for a treat.

Spotify pulled it out of the bag once again, somehow managing to sneak GoldLink into London without even a whisper of his presence backstage until the very last second.

Donned in a fishnet vest and looking way too cool for school as per, he bounded onto the stage with even more energy than usual, as he treated this handful of fans to a listening party like no other.

Dropping on 12th June, ‘Diaspora’ was received with critical acclaim, as he encompassed the breadth of his vast community to produce his iconic sound. He transitions seamlessly between hip-hop and RnB, with sounds of reggae and Afrobeats weaved in throughout, sprinkling his leisurely flow over the top with his signature patter that never ceases to amaze.

To say it he killed the performance would be an understatement. Having been out a mere 10 days, the Washington DC rapper admitted: “you’re gonna have to help me with this one” as he kicked off with ‘Maniac’, yet, unsurprisingly, continued to move seamlessly through his debut studio album with undeniable flair and coolness.

The surprises kept coming throughout the night, not least from the endless free bar that Spotify put on, but GoldLink’s captivating energy which he concentrated into one of his signature mosh pits at the gigs finale. Dancers filled the stage and we jumped to the infectious beat of ‘Zulu Screams’ while drinks flew everywhere. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we were not ready for the night to end when he was reluctantly dragged off stage…

For your own slice of ‘Diaspora’ performed live, catch GoldLink at his next London gig at Brixton Academy on 19th November.

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