If you have ever felt gin-isolated among family and friends because of your passion for Mother’s Ruin over beer or wine, now’s the time to shine! Not only has gin-popularity rocketed in recent years but it looks like a thirsty crowd of famous people enjoys gin o’clock as much as we do!

My Facebook is a veritable pool of events, so I was very lucky to come across the launch of Massive Arms’ exhibition “For the Gin” at the quirky Leyas Cafe in Camden, London. Dave – the artist – is also a keen gin enthusiast and among his projects, he has decided to celebrate some fellow lovers – famous and fictional – of our beloved juniper-infused spirit.

The exhibition consists of 12 very colorful posters, hand drawn by the artist in black rollerball pen straight onto paper. The effect is quite scratchy but also very effective. Once the drawings are completed, they are scanned and coloured digitally using Photoshop. Brilliant, isn’t it? They are all for sale, so be quick if you see one that you like in the pictures.

My favourite was definitely one of Amy Winehouse. I won’t dwell too much on her love for gin here because addictions were a big issue for this unique artist and eventually took her away from the splendid and iconic singer that she was & could have become. Amy was a Camden girl, so I like to think that she would be delighted to have her poster on display with the lyrics of one of her best songs ‘You Know I’m No Good’. Do you remember the lyrics? “‘What did you do with him today?’, And sniffed me out like I was Tanqueray”.

Other good ones are Liam Gallagher’s and his “I’m feeling Supersonic, Give me gin & tonic” and Snoop Dogg‘s print. The singer of ‘Gin and Juice’ is now an ambassador for Tanqueray (yes, again!) and he develops signature cocktails for the company like The Laid Back (1 Part Tanqueray Ten, 1 Part Ciroc apple vodka, 2 parts pineapple, with a splash of soda). It certainly sounds more sophisticated than Alan Partridge’s ‘Lady Boys’ – a classic for our English readers. The fictional and tactless TV and radio presenter invented it to show his business partners that he’s a bloody bloke! It consists of a gin & tonic, a single Baileys (apparently a ladies’ drink) and one pint of lager (a “classic men’s beverage”). As expected, the experiment didn’t go very well. You can enjoy it here. He also features in the exhibition, as well as some other popular culture favourites like Pat Butcher from Eastenders and Eddie and Patsy of Absolutely Fabulous whose superpower was probably making alcohol disappear within seconds. I honestly don’t recall many scenes of the series where they didn’t hold bottles…let alone glasses!

Finally, if you love the classics, you won’t be disappointed as Dave drew also the Great Gatsby and his beloved Gin Rickeys and James Bond. How could we forget the scene in Casino Royale? A dry Martini..one. In a deep Champagne goblet…just a moment. Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel. Got it?”

Everything very fascinating, but seriously, Gordon’s? I thought that at least 007 knew that there’s life after Gordon’s.

The exhibition is open until the 1st of June and it’s free entry. No excuses not to go if you are in the area! Especially if you love gin, it’s definitely something different and fun to do before heading to one of the many pubs on Camden High Street.

Also, check out a little playlist I put together for you all. Cheers!


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