Liverpool’s We Were Glue are Michael, Jonty, Ez and Angus. They are sarcastic, they don’t take things too seriously and – more importantly – they are dropping their brand new single, ‘Birthday’, soon. Believe me, you’ll love it. I had a chat with them. Yeah, well, some virtual chat; what they told Indie + Tonic is all about playing honest music and not giving much of a damn.

Hey guys, welcome on Indie + Tonic. I would like to start this little interview with a presentation of yourselves as a band. How did you get together?
“Never really an exciting story, this: Jonty, Ez and Angus sat together in class, joined a band but got kicked out for playing pop-punk, this is the truth. So they formed their own band. Angus was in a band with Michael and so brought him in on bass duties. After threatening to kick Angus, Jonty and Ez out of the band again for playing pop-punk, Michael played ‘Boring’ and the rest is history. The lesson to be learnt here is: never letting Jonty sing and play guitar again”.

I see. And you were glue, right? Aren’t you anymore? Apart from the jokes, could you tell us more about what’s behind your name, We Were Glue?
“Apart from the jokes? We are afraid that’s all this band rely on. We had to change our name after getting a message from another band called Glue, who were very cross – ‘listen here u boys better watch out cos we’re a big band, we played Manchester academy 3 at 6:30 PM on a Tuesday’. The genius behind the name is none other than Angus’ mum. It’s a fact that Angus’ parents have saved us on multiple occasions now, along with spawning/providing us with our drummer, so we have a lot to thank them for”.

‘Birthday’ is your brand new single, the follow-up to ‘My Girl’, out on May 12th and premiered tomorrow. It’s about someone who forgot an important birthday, isn’t it? I had a chance to listen to it – lucky me – and I’ll say it straight forward: I love it. How bad is it when someone forgets your birthday? I mean, I would be pissed off too.
(Michael answers) “Thank you, that is very kind. We are obviously super excited to get it out there. The song is about when my girlfriend forgot my birthday. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed at the time, it’s especially worse when from someone you really care about. I wrote the lyrics the weekend after my birthday in December, and we put the music together in the studio in March. When it came down to tracking we still didn’t know what to write to tie the last two sections together, so ended up not bothering at all and just left it silent”.

How does a We Were Glue’s song shape up? What’s behind the curtains of your writing process?
“We just sometimes squeeze out a tune. We’re pretty unproductive, actually. I imagine the process is pretty similar to most other acts but with a long while between each genuinely productive session. We spent most of our creative time together doing other stuff like shopping at the Co-op, going round to each other’s houses or at the library”.

I could hear a quite wide range of influences in your music. What’s your background? And what have you been listening to recently?
“Between the four of us, we all listen to a massive range of music. Michael has recently been listening to The Beach Boys and The Shins. Jonty has been bashing out The Big Moon, Her’s and various random songs through the discover bit on Spotify. Angus has recently been getting into loads of juke and footwork. Elliott has been well into the recent Father John Misty album, and Everything Everything’s ‘Man Alive'”.

It is my understanding that your music will be featuring Made In Chelsea soon. Can you tell us a bit more about this? Are you excited to get the chance to have your music on TV and to reach a wider audience?
“Funny enough, we got an email today about this, we are going to be on the episode this Monday. We are probably going to retire afterward, as we are firm believers in the phrase ‘quit while you’re ahead'”.

I’m not quite sure this is actually going to happen. Also because this 2017 looks quite promising for you, guys. What’s on the plate now? Are you planning to play live for a while or are you mainly working on new material with new releases on the horizon?
“Our single release party for ‘Birthday’ is on May 12th which is super soon and will be super fun, so anyone in the area should make sure they come through for that! As for new music, we’re all a bit busy at the minute failing our degrees but as soon as they’re out of the way don’t you worry, the glue boys have got plenty coming up over the rest of the year! Also, we’ve just been shortlisted for Y Not Festival, which you can vote for us, it’s well easy we’re under Merseyside init (no log-in required, yeah!)”.

Thank you, guys. Here is the link, now go and vote for glue. I mean, We Were Glue, of course.

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