The best of (last) week in music, with the freshest tunes released over the last few days.

Indie + Tonic Weekly Mixtape is here with Vol. 4 (January 23rd – 29th), featuring A Festival, A Parade, Rosie Carney, Swimming Tapes, Father John Misty, Family Friends, Ten Fé, The Lightning Year, Circa Waves, Sherlock, Spur.

  1. A Festival, A Parade – People Person
  2. Rosie Carney – Awake Me
  3. Swimming Tapes – Cameo
  4. Father John Misty – Pure Comedy
  5. Family Friends – I’m Like You
  6. TEN FÉ – Another Way
  7. The Lightning Year – Endless Memory
  8. Circa Waves – Fire That Burns
  9. The Sherlocks – Was It Really Worth It?
  10. Spur – Fire
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