The best of (last) week in music, with the freshest tunes released over the last few days.

Indie + Tonic Weekly Mixtape is here with Vol. 17 (April 24th – April 30th), featuring Bantam Lyons, Black Fly, Kidsmoke, Mat Hunsley, Jake Houlsby, Matthew And Me, Orchards, Violetta Zironi, Oh Wonder, First Hate.

Weekly Mixtape

  1. Bantam Lyons – When Lips Turn Purple
    2. Black Fly – Sign 2
    3. Kidsmoke – And Mine Alone
    4. Mat Hunsley – Do You Need Me Near
    5. Jake Houlsby – Vondelpark
    6. Matthew And Me – Every Day
    7. Orchards – Darling
    8. Violetta Zironi – Half Moon Lane
    9. Oh Wonder – My Friends
    10. First Hate – The One
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