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London-based four-piece ISLAND announced themselves over a year ago. ‘Girl’, their debut EP, featured their first single, ‘Stargazer’, which showcased since the very beginning all the production skills of the band. Comprised of Rollo Doherty (vocals, guitar), James Wolfe (bass), Jack Raeder (guitar), and Toby Richards (drums), ISLAND went from zero to hero, embarking tours alongside outfits like Palace and Amber Run, surpassing two million streams on Spotify and selling out the iconic Scala back in November.


ISLAND – Ph: Flore Diamant

There’s an explanation, behind all of this, and it’s quite simple: ISLAND sound fresh and incredibly talented. More importantly, they are a down-to-earth quartet of musicians who are constantly working on their sound, shaping-up their personality as a band, releasing fine pieces, eventually trademarking their unique style. ‘A Place You Like’ is their brand new EP (out via Beatnik Creative), a four-tracks journey lasting nearly 16 minutes, which will keep you glued to your headphones or – even better – speakers.

It’s the result of months of careful songwriting, where ISLAND’s delicate soundscapes fade into a magical and dreamy atmosphere. ‘Waves’ opens to Rollo Doherty’s pristine voice, perfectly surrounded by a clean guitar riff, while the title-track ‘A Place You Like’ is an upbeat number where the band show all their skills, coming to a maturity which is the best takeaway from this EP. “I could go my own way, but I’ll follow your eyes / You wanted my time, so take me to a place you like”, sings Doherty.

‘Dreaming Of’ and ‘All You Ever Needed Is Love’ make it to the second half of the extended play, where ISLAND encompass all their best characteristics, working on a deep lyricism and catchy guitar and percussions riffs. They explore their own world with delicate and unobtrusive manners, catching your heart and soul even before you can even think about that.

‘A Place You Like’ is another milestone on their path. It’s delightful and fills me with even more anticipation for a full-length that, I’m sure, will make them ultimately stand out.

Beatnik Creative | 2017

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