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Polo have finally released their debut EP ‘Alice’, via AWAL, a four-piece work which encapsulates their distinctive sound and that hopefully will be the precursor to a full-length by the trio from Leeds. It is an impressive debut that feels created on wide experience, even if that sounds like a contradiction.

We already listened to two cuts off ‘Alice’: the enjoyable pop tune Gold Horizons’ which makes a stunning opening for the EP and the gloomy and irresistible Soak’, both of which covered here on Indie + Tonic last month.


The two new studio tracks on the EP are Neighbourhood’ and Palat’ – we had the chance to listen to them live during their last gig in London. The former is as splendid as ‘Gold Horizons’, greatly polished tune where Luke’s synth rhythms take over the song while Kat sings about this girl who’s gonna grow with a hole in her heart”. Kat lyrics on ‘Alice’ are influenced by personal experiences and her relationships with people. In Alice I have written about my different experiences with love: good and bad. This is why Alice works perfectly, because she represents these girls I’ve met, just as the EP does”, she told The Line of Best Fit in their last interview.

‘Palat’ brings ‘Alice’ to a refined end, an elegant closing track where the three assets of the band blend smoothly throughout this atmospheric haunting tune. Again here, Luke’s part helps to define this characteristic Polo sound, as much as he helps to create a common thread for the whole work.

“And I know you’re scared of heights,

and I know you’re scared of nights,

but I promise I’ll be on your side.”

‘Alice’ is rich and satisfying, a work that successfully combines inventive and effective synth soundscapes with irresistible and moving vocals. It is an outstanding first impression from the trio to whom we’ll keep an eye on.

Self-released | 2017

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