Lovehoney - Devil Woman
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Are you ready for 10 minutes in the middle of a storm? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lovehoney. Explosive indie garage outfit from Brooklyn, NYC, their debut EP titled ‘Devil Woman’ was released at the beginning of the year. Three songs, obsessive drum riffs and drilling bass lines merging with distorted guitars are the hallmarks. Think about the Jimi Hendrix Experience, add an extraordinary female voice and… that’s it. Nice to meet you, Lovehoney.

Lovehoney – Ph: Elizabeth Maney

Lovehoney gathered together a couple of years after meeting up for the first time. Comprised of Tommy White (guitar), Alysia Quinones (voice), Tom Gehlhaus (drums) and Matt Saleh (bass, the last to join the band this time last year), the New York-based lot eventually ended up making music.

Their peculiar sound is a variety of rock ‘n’ roll vibes blent together. Starting from the initial riff of ‘Devil Woman’ – the title-track – Lovehoney’s style emerges loudly. Alysia’s voice stretches in this first powerful number, framing a dusty, distorted soundscape. The quartet plays some kind of honest music. They are direct, they bring to our ears a small batch of ingredients, meticulously combined.

The band changes its outfit with ‘Beauty In The Struggle’, now a quiet and slightly melancholic landscape. Alysia Quinones plays around with a now velvety tone, that suddenly changes shape – once again – on the final ‘I’m Gone’. Anger and frustration are floating on the agitated waters of a break-up: “Watch me baby / Don’t look at me that way / Don’t say I hurt you / You know that you hurt me too / And I’ll walk away / So baby watch me / Watch me, watch me / Watch me baby”, she sings. The final track encompasses elements of psychedelic rock, alongside with the complete authority given to Tommy White’s guitar.

The journey ends here, and it’s that moment you realise you want more. Let’s put it this way: Lovehoney warm up the club, play three mind-blowing tracks and, when everyone is just fairly pumped-up, they live the scene. Ten minutes are just an appetizer and this is probably the only negative note on ‘Devil Woman’, otherwise a mind-blowing debut EP. These three tracks build expectations and fill us all with anticipation for the future of this band.

Self-released | 2017

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