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Electronic music hides a human heart and Dark Dark Horse tell us why. It’s been a long time coming, but finally, the Leicester-based duo comprised of Jamie Ward and James Stafford are back. I’ll be honest, I came across this project by chance, only a few weeks ago when the first single off this extended-play was released. ‘Frontiers’ has been the first offering after nearly three years of silence (since the debut album ‘Centuries’ was released). A sort of hiatus during which Ward toured full time with globetrotting instrumentalists Maybeshewill. ‘Luna II’ is the effort that marks a sweet return for Dark Dark Horse, a five-track for nearly 25 minutes of beautifully crafted ethereal atmospheres.

Dark Dark Horse

Dark Dark Horse vaguely remind me of an American project I used to listen to about a decade ago, Electric President. Clean drum patterns, infectious synth riffs, and piano riffs – along with a highly detailed production – are the ingredients. Jamie and James have clearly grown up and refined their way to make music since ‘Centuries’.

There are shadows of melancholic soundscapes (‘All In Spirals’). The following ‘Into The Night’ frames James Stafford’s velvety voice, while he quietly sings of losing someone, “lost your nerve, lost your touch, lost your sight”. And then again: “It’s all I remember, of you and I.” This is perhaps the most solid number out of the entire tracklist, a demonstration of a more mature production.

Dark Dark Horse play with piano and synths, painting ethereal images where everything seems to run in slow motion. ‘Young Earth’ and ‘Sea Of Tranquillity’ are the final acts of an EP that goes to an end with upbeat rhythms and the usual pattern of hypnotic vocals. Mixed feelings spread whilst ‘Luna II’ plays its final notes. The more experimental taste on the last track is the perfect finale for an EP that is a promising appetizer for the future of this band.

Dark Dark Horse have recently signed to Warner’s W Songs and this five-track is probably just be a first new step that fills us all with anticipation for a new album.

Little Fanfare | 2017

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