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Winnaretta are a London-based trio comprised of Sim (vocals, guitar), Luke (drums) and Alex (bass). They do things themselves, they are loud and they don’t look nor sound shy in their debut EP, ‘Mine’. The six tracks of their first offering are all about queer love, break-ups and being broken. Winnaretta have been described by someone as a “wailing trio who play like their lives depend on it – and they still don’t give a f…”. To be honest, they seem to fit this definition.


I got caught by their music, as well as what’s behind the curtains of the name they chose for themselves. It’s an homage to Winnaretta Singer, an American-born heir to the Singer sewing machine fortune. She used to fund a number of causes; a musical salon in Paris, mostly, where even Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel figured amongst her protégés. Her figure is also remembered to have gone through two unconsumed marriages and to have openly enjoyed many high-profile relationships with women, as a sort of forerunner for her times.

‘Mine’ is a concentrate of catchy guitar riffs and obsessive drum patterns that will run through your veins. Winnaretta draw comparisons to the likes of some indie garage and psych pop well-known outfits. What’s really enjoyable about this trio, though, is the fresh impact they have, starting from ‘That’s The Deal, Sweetheart’ (released as a single before the EP was officially shared) and moving through the other tracks. ‘Mine’ follows a path that’s all about love gone wrong, in which Sim’s voice is compelling, sometimes dissonant when it unfolds with urgency. ‘Yeah OK’ is a little gem of art-pop, whilst the instantaneous ‘Cold Cold Heart’ vaguely reminds me of the psych-pop recently made in Canada by Weaves. ‘Impossible’ and ‘Slow’ are the final acts and it’s clear that 15 minutes of such enjoyable vibes are not enough.

‘Mine’ is what I call an interesting debut, and Winnaretta are a promising act, one to take under the radar. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them. As long as these three guys will keep working on their stuff without taking life too seriously, being honest, as the day is long.

Self-released | 2017

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