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I love it, when music sets me aback. It’s one of those moments soaked in endorphins, that make me think “yeah, after all, there’s still kids who make music for the sake of it!”. It’s the case of Violet Youth, indie four-piece from Blackburn, whose scruffy hairdos and skills I had the chance to experience live by chance a few weeks ago, at the Camden Assembly (read the story here). They caught my attention playing a wave of noisy shoegaze that reminded me of all the stuff I have always loved. Hazy guitars and a stage presence with a halo of the Reid bros’ Jesus and Mary Chain; a sharp sound that merges with dreamy lyrics and sudden changes of register. All of this is Violet Youth, in the spotlight these days with the much-awaited ‘Primary Nature’, a four-track EP I’ve been listening non-stop since its release.

Violet Youth

Violet Youth

Four tracks – and that feeling that nearly 15 minutes of music are not enough – for a journey that brings to our ears a sharp, delightfully crafted shoegaze-ish sound. The opening ‘Reliable Sources’ encompasses hazy guitars and a dark soundscape that grows slowly, reaching a climax where Owen’s vocals finally stand out. ‘Lucid Dreams’ breaks the tension. Violet Youth play with atmospheric patterns, where sharp bass-lines take the scene and merge with Chris’ guitar riffs, for what is certainly one of the strongest moments of the quartet’s entire effort.

Shortly after follows ‘She Said’, a love song that brings to surface Violet Youth’s more intimate and fragile side. The atmospheres are melancholic throughout the whole journey of ‘Primary Nature’: guitar, drums and bass are perfectly blended. A wise and well calibrated use of synths is the final touch to the extended play. ‘Dystopia’, the last chapter, is a brilliant summary of what I have been describing above here.

I keep staring at the beautiful artwork chosen by the band for their release. And I need to start the journey again. ‘Primary Nature’ is a blast of a debut and in four numbers only is able to increase my expectations for the Blackburn lot. The near future might see them stand out as that one noisy act we have been longing for lately. Well done.

ModernSky | 2017

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