Nancy - Three Birds (Live EP)
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Meet Nancy, a new collaborative project between two individual London-based artists whose identities remain undisclosed. I came across their stage name and listened to the single ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ first, right at the end of last year. Nothing to do with the legendary Stooges’ hit from 1969, Nancy set the tone creating a delicate and melancholic stripped back soundscape that draws comparisons to the likes of Velvet Underground, if not early Cigarettes After Sex, named amongst the duo’s most relevant influences. The number is part of a four-track EP, ‘Three Birds (Live EP)’, comprising of the raw recording of guitars and captivating vocals, and it’s out under Nancy’s own record label, Inca Gold Records.

Nancy - Three Birds (Live)

What makes the sound of this brand new extended play stand out is its sentiment, perfectly depicted by the convergence between a sharp guitar and the pristine voice that takes the scene since the very beginning of the opening track, ‘Fire Away’. It then moves around the corners of the beautifully shaped ‘It’s Not About You’ (where the struggle of being depending on someone in a relationship is told with brutal honesty) and the title track, ‘Three Birds’, probably my favourite number in the whole journey.

Nancy are both brave and bold, they have built their signature sound on dark atmospheres and unfolded their message showcasing a guitar and vocals only. Needless to say, the four stripped back tracks serve as an anticipation of something more defined. ‘Three Birds (Live EP)’ is like a rough diamond, and I very much look forward to seeing it sparkle.

Inca Gold Records | 2018

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