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How can life be, for an expat, in times of profound uncertainty? Marta Casanova, artistically known as MAVICA, left her hometown Cartagena (Spain) and travelled across her country, then explored more of Europe, and finally set in London, to get to know more of the world we leave in. This chapter of her life gave light to a number of moments and experiences that are now perfectly framed in the four tracks of ‘Gone’, her debut EP out now via Beatnik Creative / Hidden Track Records.


The four-track studio work opens a window on MAVICA’s life, depicting with brutal honesty major emotional events as well as the intricacies of a relationship. “It [the EP] relates the journey that took me to London, where I settled down and got conscious of my writing”, says the artist when commenting the release.

The EP, anticipated by the singles ‘Fire’ and the beautifully written ‘Plastic Hearts’ (we wrote about it here), encompasses powerful statements of how specific moments in life can impact decisions and therefore the following steps to take. Drawing influences from the likes of Daughter and Bon Iver, as well as Sufjan Stevens, MAVICA’s songwriting is made of simple ingredients, yet somehow unpredictable. What is clear at a first sight, is that the artist wrote these four tunes in a quite straightforward way, driven by emotions and the feelings of a specific moment. Its genuineness is what we like the most, besides a fresh songwriting and delightful soundscapes.

Take Friethers, for instance, composed in Cartagena, a declaration of genuine love for her brother. Or again, ‘To Lie Alone’, the last episode on the timeframe the EP takes into account. It’s this, perhaps, the most articulate and compelling element of this studio work, a sharp picture, that fiercely encapsulates Marta’s life once finally settled in London.

‘Gone’ is something more than just a solid first step. It projects MAVICA into a future we look forward to seeing taking shape.

Beatnik Creative / Hidden Track Records | 2019

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