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Ashford’s four-piece Mosa Wild have released their much-awaited debut EP, ‘Talking In Circles’. The first post to appear on the band’s Facebook page states: “These songs are a representation of our journey so far and we’re so happy that we finally get to share this with you.” It’s no mystery that journey is a quite recurrent word in music. And Mosa Wild are no exception. Their recent past has the watermark of a hugely acclaimed debut single, ‘Smoke’ (2017), support slots for the likes of Maggie Rogers and LANY, and a long retreat to write and record new music. A journey, indeed, that culminates with the release of their debut EP, five tracks of pure emotions, soothing arrangements and a unique character that will bring these four guys very far.

Mosa Wild

Surrounded by synths and beautifully crafted guitar riffs, Mosa Wild breath through the smooth and sensual vocals of Jim Rubaduka and the guitars of Alex Stevens, as well as Edwin Ireland’s bass and Charlie Campbell’s drums. The overall result is a concentrate of bittersweet soundscapes. A perfect proof of the band’s signature sound. Take the poppy ‘Honey’ as an example, or even the hypnotic ‘Faultline’. Mosa Wild’s tracks on this EP (which includes ‘Night’, ‘Tides’ and the majestic ‘Smoke’ already mentioned above, too) are a blend of confessions and emotional storms glued together by sublime melodies.

I’m not saying you lied
We both said it’s a beautiful try
But I’ve got to get somewhere
Get somewhere soon
I’m gonna do my best to get to you


Ultimately, ‘Talking In Circles’ comprises of five potential stand-alone singles. Five hits, all carrying a defined soul and light. Jim’s vocals, coated in delightful guitar progressions, easily steal the scene and rapidly make of Mosa Wild one of the most brilliant examples of indie-pop today. Am I surprised? Not at all. Yet this first chapter fills us with great anticipation for what will come next.

Glassnote Records | 2019

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