The Team

Indie + Tonic‘s team at a glance. Our beautiful writers, their stories and all the facts that made them wanting to be part of this project.


Chico is not his real name, but he gave up on trying to get his name right when he moved to England. This mélomane architect comes from Northern Spain and lived for over eight years in Barcelona before moving to London. He fell in love with music listening to Nina Simone, Bowie and the Smiths, and spinning his dad’s old vinyl record collection. Chico has a weakness for female singer-songwriters and rockers but his taste is rather eclectic.





Italian chap living the London life and getting into new (musical) vibes on a daily basis, Marco works in marketing, communications and all sorts of stuff. He is into football, a good laugh, and music, in its entirety. He started dancing to Michael Jackson’s tunes when he was a kid, inducted to music by his mom. He soon fell in love with Freddie Mercury’s Queen. A crush for U2 followed, then he started going through all sort of genres. Indie + Tonic is his brainchild, and he loves it. As much as he loves Louise, his acoustic guitar.




Italy was her birthplace, London adopted her a few years ago. Noemi is a nice gin snob who enjoys teasing bartenders worldwide with tricky gin-related questions. She loves unconventional, different and unique mother’s ruins, better if blissfully served with ice + tonic and a few garnishes. When not writing gin stories, you can find her listening to music, travelling or getting lost in nature.

(Ph: courtesy of Photographer Guido De Maria)


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