There’s a mercurial talent out there: meet Rosie Carney, who has just entered my gold playlist in these freezing days of winter. Let her take you by the hand keep you warm with ‘Awake Me’, her brand new single, a beyond beautiful gem.

20 years old, Rosie has already gone through more of the oddities of life than most her age. She struggled with depression and anorexia half her existence, finding in music that necessary guiding light to get through all of that tumult.

“I’ve been a fool for more than half of my life / I’ve tried to hide”, she sings, bringing to our ears the soulful tone of ‘Awake Me’, a song about coming into life. Rosie’s lyrics have a confessional ring to them. She is determined to help others by being vocal about her own experiences. Rosie gives voice to her heart through her music as well as on her blog (

After an initial, unfortunate experience with a major label, Rosie is now working independently with X Novo Records, with the freedom to express herself fully. Listen to this track now, and keep an eye on one of the names you will remember the most this year.

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