I came across Cassels a couple of months ago, when they were called-up, very last minute, to open for Beach Slang at Scala. Big Scary Monsters’ own duo, comprised of two brothers from Oxfordshire, caught my attention almost immediately. The brand new single, ‘The Weight’, is their first number of 2017 and it’s the first off a forthcoming 12” – titled ‘Foreword’ – set to be released on April 7th. Not a proper full-length (“it will be out later this year”, said the band at The Line Of Best Fit), but a collection of new and early material, all packaged on vinyl for the first time.

Big Scary Monsters confirm to be forefront in terms of new proposals and Cassels are among the best names in their roster, as far as the British scene is concerned. ‘The Weight’ is a brilliant upbeat track, where the two brothers skilfully play guitar and drums, creating atmospheres that root on a melodic punk soundscape. Jim merges his guitar with deep and poetic lyrics. That’s when Cassels turn darker and sharper, all at the same time.

Listen to ‘The Weight’ and check the tracklist for ‘Foreword’ below here.

‘Foreword’ – Cassels 

  1. The Weight
    2. Opia
    3. The World Doesn’t Need Another You or Me
    4. Sights for Sore Eyes
    5. 666 Feet
    6. I Swipe Right
    7. Hating is Easy
    8. Flock Analogy
    9. Beach Baby
    10. Avarice
    11. Ignoring All the Tunnels and Lights
    12. Well Fed Worms in a Graveyard
    13. You Us and They
    14. Cool Box
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