Four-piece indie band PLAZA are one of the most promising acts on the UK scene. That’s a fact. The follow-up to their last infectious single – ‘Origami’ – is titled ‘Deep In My Head’ and it’s an absolute blast.

The track is another fine post-indie offering, where shoegaze meets indie rock and creates a reverb-soaked soundscape comprised of haunting guitars and Lennard’s contemplative vocals. The Hartlepool-based lot improved a lot in the past few months, refining their intelligent songwriting and gaining support from the online community and performing on several prestigious stages.

The brand new number is a statement track, off the announced debut self-titled EP ‘PLAZA’, due out on April 14th via Beyond The Wall Records. “The essence of ‘Deep In My Head’ is about mental health and how it can manipulate you into a completely different person to what you once were – says Brad Lennard, PLAZA’s frontman, about the song – It’s about being lost in your own mind, but alongside the unease and anxieties of it all, feeling that you’re set up in the right place.”

Listen to ‘Deep In My Head’ below here.

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