VILDE is the moniker of Thomas Savage, Australian-born and now based in Stockholm alt-pop artist. His new single, ‘Maintain’, is an infectious number that encompasses all the characteristics of a musician formerly known to be Kins’ frontman.

The new track is part of a series of monthly releases that are literally building VILDE’s debut album. ‘Maintain’ progressively grows around synth arpeggios and claustrophobic vocals merging with relentless drum patterns. The soundscape created on this single draw comparisons to the likes of Wild Beasts and TV on the Radio, and although references to Radiohead are quite solid, Thomas Savage’s sound remains his own.

“The subject matter of the song is somewhat of a crammed amalgamation of ideas. – says the artist about his new track – Part inspired by the film ‘Ace in the Hole’, where a news reporter begins to twist events in a dark way to gain fame through his portrayal of the story. There’s some pretty bleak imagery in the lyrics, yet bits of optimism seep through too, provoking a sense of solitude, release & calm.”

Listen to the enigmatic ‘Maintain’ below here.

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