Italian-born indie folk singer-songwriter Violetta Zironi has shared her new single, ‘Half Moon Lane’. Self-released, the track showcases Violetta’s folk sensibilities, drawing immediate comparisons to the likes of Norah Jones, for the velvety vocals and delicate guitar playing.

With ‘Half Moon Lane’ – an homage to a street in the heart of Herne Hill, South London – Violetta writes an ode to life changes and new starts, creating a fairy tale-ish soundscape where she describes the excitement of embarking a new project for her life.

“Take me back to the place
Where I spent those days
With a man telling tales
Of a Half Moon Lane
Half Moon Lane”

The new single encompasses all the hallmarks of this young artist who – despite the young age – started her career a few years ago when she enchanted at the Italian edition of X-Factor with her pristine voice and a ukulele.

Listen to the compelling ‘Half Moon Lane’ below here.

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