I have just come across SINAI, an ambitious music project by Aaron Clarke which started in early 2016, and his latest release, ‘Better Days’. The premise of it is as simple as it is difficult to achieve: writing, recording and producing one song a week for a year. I know, I am rather late.

This perfect example of DIY moves over different genres: from shy synth-driven tunes like ‘Keep It Together’, more downbeat folk cuts in ‘Living Waters’ or even cinematic ambient sounds like the mesmerizing ‘Hiraeth’. Clarke’s sound and arrangements have clearly evolved during this year process, to even recall Bon Iver on some of his latest tracks – check ‘From The Dust’ or ‘Every Time It Hurts’ to understand why.

Check some of this New Zealander’s gems together with his latest release, the beautifully melancholic ‘Better Days’ below. Seriously, checking his entire catalogue is worth it.

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