Singer-songwriter from the heart of Devonshire, Will Hawkins has released his new single, ‘Devon Boy’, off the forthcoming EP ‘Unoriginal Songs’, due out at the end of this week.

Will is an honest guy, he’s proud of who he is and where he is from. His music is sharp, doesn’t mince words, and spreads folk-punk vibes depicting the artist’s personality. ‘Devon Boy’ is a wonderful homage to Devonshire, the place where Will grew up, and – I believe – would not swap with any other place in the world. An acoustic guitar and hidden percussions pairs with Will’s delicate vocals: “Well, I don’t like the city – he sings – It’s silly, it scares me / There’s too many people / And too many trains”. You may call him boring, Will won’t care: he was raised “far away, in mysterious lands”.

Listen to ‘Devon Boy’ here, and save the date, ‘Unoriginal Songs’ EP is out this Friday, May 12th.

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