I gotta be honest: Trü knocked on my email box a few days ago. With just a little spare time to listen to something new and unknown, I guess I took my time to spin ‘Trouble’, the first offering taken from the debut EP, self-titled, out on June 9th via Destroy All Monsters Records.

Pat Defrancisci (vocals, guitar) and Keith Williams (guitar, vocals) are the main characters of a project that saw its first lightsin New Jersey back in 2015. A few demos later and following the addition of Cindy Ward (bass) and Steve Cerri (drums) to the lineup, the slacker/shoegaze outfit is now ready to drop a first EP, anticipated by ‘Trouble’. The track reminds me of some vibes that got lost in the splendour of the 90s. The band’s sound draws immediate comparisons to the likes of Weezer, if not Built To Spill, and this number is a fast journey through fuzzy guitars and melancholic lyrics.

I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from these guys. In the meantime, listen to the song below, and take my apologies: I took too long to let you know that there’s a cool band expected to do good things, out there in NJ.


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