Think about a couple of school friends, James and Jack, who have been playing together since the age of 13. Imagine them crafting their sound, song by song, releasing their first singles through the past years, gaining some well-deserved praise. Meet Rylands Heath, indie pop outfit from Luton, whose brand new single, ‘Best Friend’, is a banger.

Not only have Jack and James formed a longstanding friendship, they also share a mutual passion for songwriting. On ‘Best Friend’ – which is something more than an imaginative title for their new single – they combine a keen ear for melody and an inclination for spacious harmonies. Intense guitar riffs and a haunting bass line merge with infectious choruses, creating a perfect summery tune I am expecting will be featured on many playlists in the next weeks and months.

Listen to Rylands Heaths’ ‘Best Friend’ and keep track of these two guys through this year. 2017 promises to be an exciting one for the band.

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