Experimental pop is the new black, and Brooklyn’s Psymon Spine seem to embody its spirit with their brand new ‘Lines And Lines And Lines End’. The euphoric brand new track is taken from the forthcoming debut album, ‘You Are Coming To My Birthday’, due out on June 9th via Axis Mundi Records.

Psymon Spine are a five-piece originally founded by Peter Spears and Noah Prebish, who had only known each other for a handful of weeks before going through a series of odd events and finding themselves making music together.

Just under six minutes, ‘Lines And Lines And Lines End’ is an eclectic, fast journey through the various band’s influences, that move from Crystal Fighters’ happiness-soaked soundscapes to post-punk, not to mention African music and Tropicália. Needless to say, this tune is very likely to become a hit this summer, and definitely pairs with long and warm sunny days preferably spent outdoor with friends and smiles of all kinds.

Tune in now, then. Listen to the new track and check artwork and tracklist for the unmissable debut album by the Brooklyn-based outfit.


‘Your Are Coming To My Birthday’ – Tracklist

1. Separate
2. Shocked
3. Yoana
4. Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels
5. Crown A King
6. Speakers
7. Experience Machine
8. Dad Country
9. Transfiguration Church
10. Lines and Lines and Lines
11. Gears

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