Glam post-punk trio Absolutely Not are the new rising star in the American indie-LGBTQ scene. Based in Chicago, the band fronted by Donnie Moore (songwriter, vocalist and guitarist), has shared a new track, ‘Strictly Top’, and is just about to release their brand new album, ‘Errors’, due out on June 28th via No Trend Records.

Currently comprised of Donnie, his sister Madison (keyboards, backing vocals) and Santiago Guerrero on drums, the Illinois’ lot plays a fast-paced indie punk that encompasses articulated drums patterns, furious guitar riffs and that necessary dose of glittery, glam rock inflections. Their sound is spontaneous, direct and terribly honest. ‘Strictly Top’, a humorous view on Donnie Moore’s sexuality, builds on a clear message that sounds more or less like: “Hey you, out there, be bold, open your mind and smile!”. The track lasts less than two minutes, is accompanied by an official video, directed by Dave Rentauskas.

Listen to this infectious tune below and check out Donnie and Madinson Moore’s LGBTQ rock event “Glitter Creeps”, held at The Empty Bottle in their native Chicago. It’s nearly that time of the year when the Stonewall riots are remembered as part of a universal celebration of difference.

‘Errors’ – Tracklist

1. Communication
2. Blue Boys
3. Hostile Bunny
4. Programmed
5. Blood Money
6. A Dark Bridge
7. Strictly Top
8. City Creatures
9. She Ain’t No Wussy
10. Dizzy Disease

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