Garage-surf (with hints of psych-pop) trio Johnny Kills have just released their debut single, ‘Let’s Talk About Me’. Believe me, you better press start now. The three-piece, based between Brighton, London and York, is comprised of siblings Tim (guitar, vocals) and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings (bass, vocals), and “spiritual bro” Cameron Gipp (guitar, vocals). North London’s Fin S. Woolfsoon joins them on drums here.

Johnny Kills write honest songs about being young and more or less clueless.’Let’s Talk About Me’ follows up to two previously released demos and is a fuzzy number that perfectly fits nowadays’ anxious and uncertain times. It’s a song “about the frustrations of hanging out with people who spend the whole evening talking about themselves, – explains Tim – before realising you kinda just want to talk about yourself too.”

Produced by Alex Greaves, at The Nave studio in Leeds, ‘Let’s Talk About Me’ is out today, self-released through Johnny Kills Records, and it’s an authentic banger.

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