Darkness and heavy political themes are in the spotlight once again, with Absolutely Not‘s new single. It’s the second taste taken from the upcoming album ‘Errors’, due out on July 28th via No Trend Records. ‘City Creatures’ is a raucous number that encompasses elements of post-punk, draws from 80s’ glam-rock influences and showcases the glittery signature sound of the LGBTQ Chicago-based lot.

Following up to ‘Strictly Top’, ‘City Creatures’ keeps a playful vibe. “By the end of the song, the ‘king of every corner’ has a change of heart and helps the girl he’s been publicly ruining make her way back into the scene in which he made sure she removed weeks prior,” says frontman Donnie Moore at Out.com, that hosted the premiere of the track. “Musically, it’s an ode to every slick pop-rock/post-punk song that came before me. I hope people are tapping their feet on public transit to this song.”

Listen to Absolutely Not’s new single here and take part in the pride celebrations this month.

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