Brainchild of Nathan Lithgow (My Brightest Diamond), and Garth Macaleavey, NØMADS have been releasing a new single every month since the beginning of the year, as part of the project ‘Phøbiac’, a full-length due officially out in 2018. ‘Dementophobia’ is the Brooklyn’s post-punk duo’s new offering, an exploration of a new fear, and follow-up to the previously released ‘Achluphobia’, ‘Acrophobia’, ‘Ataxophobia’ and ‘Chronometrophobia’.

The June installment taken from the band’s conceptual album is a new case of study based around a clinical phobia. ‘Dementophobia’ is the fear of losing one’s mind, explained through a fuzzed-out, post-punk explosion of drums and sharp bass lines, that add to the usual dynamicity of the duo. On the track, frontman Nathan Lithgow sings the paranoid refrain: “Find a faster, louder way to give / Something wrong is always happening; just a prayer for a partial lobotomy / Excuse me I’m all out of me.” 

The new album ‘Phøbiac’ will be the follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed ‘Free My Animal’ (red vinyl copies of the album are being sold on NØMADS’ Bandcamp for $1). Listen to the new number below.

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