Polyvinyl Records’ own Generationals are back with a new number and keep filling us with expectations for a more solid return after 2014’s full-length ‘Alix’. ‘Mythical’ follows up to ‘Avery’, ‘Turning The Screw’ and ‘Keep It Low’, previously released by the indie pop duo, and it’s accompanied by a sun-bleached video, directed by Grant Widmer.

The new number is a powerful indie pop tune built on a basis of infectious choruses, catchy guitars, and sharp bass lines. It’s a little journey back to the sunniest days of the ’80s, drenched in regret and a sense of isolation. ‘Mythical’ aligns with the recent production of the band, which is explained through a mini-series of videos that aim to document Generationals’ creative process and chronicles the band’s work throughout 2017.

Watch the video for ‘Mythical’ below, and check the mini-documentary about the band, produced by JJ Gerber and Anthony Maiuri.

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