Norfolk, Virginia indie folk songwriter Ian Randall Thornton is gearing up to release his debut album, ‘Lineage’, due out on August 25th. ‘Who Are We’ is the first installment taken from the forthcoming full-length, a beautifully crafted track that encompasses elements of different genres, blended together and paired with Ian’s layered vocals.

The artist’s sound echoes with a history beyond his years. Only 7 years old, Thornton delved into classical music, although his adolescence saw him involved in different kind of bands in his hometown in Virginia, spacing from punk to folk as well as post-rock. His current musical expression – showcased on ‘Who Are We’ – is a delicate balance between indie folk and progressive post-rock, marked by honest lyrics that come from a captivating and fearless songwriting. The new single simply asks: “who are we but who we came from?”. It is this weighty lyrical content juxtaposed with an effortless musicality that draws the listener in from the start.
Listen to the song below here.

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