Cold Reading are from Switzerland and play that sort of music that made me fall in love again (and again) with music, far more than a decade ago. ‘Books & Comfort’ is the new number released by the Lucerne-based four-piece, who are about to drop an EP, ‘Sojourner’, due out on September 22nd via KROD Records.

Dynamic arrangements and a pristine voice are the main hallmarks of the band’s signature sound. Cold Reading’s music draws comparisons with that old wave of emo rock that found new life in the past few years with lots like Hotelier or Moose Blood. They sound fresh, depicting an image of a band who are looking for profound lyrics to be merged with sharp melodies and bass lines. Says vocalist Mike Portmann about ‘Books & Comfort’: The song is about the deep desire to slip in another body and be somebody else. Sometimes you wake up and feel like all your problems can be solved by running away. But as a matter of fact, this is just an illusion. Eventually, it all comes down to learning how to deal with your weaknesses and fears and trying to change them into something good in order to find comfort.”

Listen to Cold Reading’s new track below.

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